About CityFoodStudio

City Food Studio is a shared-use commercial kitchen that enables Twin Cities culinary entrepreneurs to craft and sell their goods from a certified food-safe facility. Our kitchen includes a variety of commercial equipment from standard restaurant items to specialty food processing gear, ready to serve entrepreneurs whether caterer, food truck operator, manufacturer, or hobbyist. Those who are just getting started but have big food dreams can benefit from City Food Studio’s intern program and the support and encouragement of our more experienced culinary artisans.

But City Food Studio is not only a space for food-focused businesses. Just as our geographic location marks the spot where four South Minneapolis neighborhoods meet, our kitchen is a space for local food enthusiasts to come together and connect:

  • in classes that explore the science and techniques of crafting our favorite foods,
  • at events that draw inspiration from the seasonal harvest,
  • while showing off our skills in creative cook-offs,
  • bringing the “culinary” and “arts” together by partnering with local artists
  • and using our retail space to share our culinary talents with our neighbors.

You bring your curiosity, hunger, and dreams – and together we’ll get cooking!